Live Your Life, Love Your Job.

Live Your Life, Love Your Job.

As the stylist for AEOTV, I am used to a relatively anonymous process. I get a name and a few sizes, and I blindly pull looks for our actors and actresses, usually in neutral color palettes that aren’t likely to clash with any skin tones. I have found this to be the most effective process in my fast-paced, last-minute, indecisive working world. This is precisely what happened this morning when I arrived on set with four wardrobe options for “Hannah, Sample Size.” As I walked into the studio, I saw that Hannah was gorgeous, with dirty blonde hair and green eyes. Perfect, I thought. She can totally rock the blue bra with green matchback undies that I pulled. I prepped her wardrobe and walked to set.

An hour later, Hannah was dressed, and we were swapping stories of dread towards our upcoming moves — mine into my boyfriend’s house, and hers into a condo a few blocks away from her current New York City condo. It turns out that I’m not the only one who thinks moving in the middle of a very hot summer isn’t ideal. Soon, our shoot began, and I captured the playful photo above. I asked Hannah for her Instagram name (@hanni_davis) as I posted the picture to social media. It turns out that Hannah Davis, aside from her involvement with Aerie, has modeled for Victoria’s Secret, Sports Illustrated, Ralph Lauren, and probably a hundred other brand name corporations, yet she sat in front of us, snorting as she laughed and discussing dining room tables. She’s a down-to-earth girl, and the very definition of “Aerie Pretty.”Β  My job rocks.

One thought on “Live Your Life, Love Your Job.

  1. Cathy says:

    It’s not just your job that rocks, baby… do too! A perfect combination for endless happiness! Proud of you!

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