Wishful Thinking.

With my birthday right around the corner, everyone is asking what I want.  (Apparently, I’m very hard to buy for.)  So, I come up with a list of a few small things to pass along.  But then, I get sucked into the depths of the internet, and I can’t help but create an extravagant wishlist that never sees the light of day (unless you’re my boyfriend, who is on the receiving end of tons of absurd wishlist emails — poor guy).  Regardless, I found quite a few things that caught my eye, and I noticed two common threads: My love for nature and Paris abounds.
  • A.  I first spotted the Edgar Allan Poe candles at Pavement, a wonderful and unique boutique in Lawrenceville.  It was a Saturday morning, and I was convinced that I needed some quality alone time (and some quality caffeine) at our favorite coffee shop, Espresso A Mano, before he headed off to work.  We took our java on a small walk, and walked into this boutique.  Pavement perfectly combines my adoration for unique clothing, bold jewelery… and my love of literature.  My favorite classics decorated many of the wooden shelves, and nature found its way onto the rest (think: earthy tones, dried flora, and even some fauna).  It’s enamoring.  And then!  The smell.  It reminded me of fall.  I spotted a bookshelf of candles, and bee-lined straight towards it.  I was greeted with a unique assortment of candles, that had been named after famous authors:  Oscar Wilde (cedar, thyme and basil), Leo Tolstoy (black plum, persimmon and oak moss), Mark Twain (gardenia, tuberose, and jasmine), and my favorite, Edgar Allen Poe, which smelled brilliantly of cardamom, absinth and sandalwood.
  • B.  If I were to ever write a book, it would be a memoir, peppered with recipes.  I love food — always have, always will — and I think there is something magical about the connections that form over a meal.  Shauna Niequist, author of Bread & Wine: A Love Letter to Life Around the Table, shares that ideal in her collection of essays (and recipes!).
  • C.  A lovely mustard chaise outside of a cafe in Pittsburgh is great.  But a lovely mustard chaise anywhere in Paris?  Why, that’s fantastic.  There is something about that city that, to me, can’t be beat.  The food is revolutionary, the fashion is forward, and the colors are vibrant.  In Nichole Robertson’s book, Paris in Color, the details of Paris come to life color by color.
  • D.  Shabby and chic, this barnwood B would make the perfect decoration in my white and earthy bedroom.
  • E.  This gold Mark and Graham Elle Bangle caught my eye a few months ago, as I was swept up in the brief popularity of monogrammed jewelry.
  • F.  Last weekend, Megan and I took advantage of Sunday Funday and explored our way through Lawrenceville and the Strip District.  She was on a search for a birthday card for her best friend, so we headed into Wild Card, a cozy place overflowing with paper in all its forms.   I should note that my adoration of paper products is maniacal.  I have a slight obsession with notecards, greeting cards, recipe cards, stationery, notebooks, address labels, invitations, everything.  I love the personality you can convey when you send a card (via old school snail mail), not just with the words you’ve written inside, but with the card itself.  I also love calendars.  Since middle school, I have kept track of every birthday, event, and to-do.  Combine that (perhaps OCD) habit with my love of Paris, and it’s no wonder why this calendar caught my eye.
  • H.  I’ve never been one for anything gaudy; I’ve always been attracted to simple designs, which is why I love J.Crew’s droplet necklace.  It’s warm, almond color and the simple lantern design makes this piece versatile for every season.
  • I.  Flea markets are the home to myriad treasures.  What they say is true, one man’s trash... And then throw Paris into the fix.  Paris Flea Market Style by Claudia Strasser leads the reader through a tour of Parisian flea markets, providing tips, secrets and a stylized map of the city’s best markets.  Game over.
  • J.  I’m sure you’re already on the Lorde bandwagon, but seriously — this girl is amazing.  Her album “Pure Heroine” is soulful, moody and reminiscent of Amy Winehouse and Lana del Ray… and she’s only 16.  (Here’s to hoping she grows up without licking a sledgehammer for money.)
  • K.  Every morning when I look out my window, I see a street of parked cars, electrical wires, and a bus stop.  My view doesn’t come close to the stunning colors of a sunrise on the farm, but this Daybreak in the Meadow canvas might just trick me into thinking I’m not in the middle of a bustling city.
What’s on your wishlist?

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