Valentine’s Day: A Gift Guide for Women.

V-Day Gifts for Him

I’d like to acknowledge something right off the bat: Valentine’s Day is totally, completely, 100% a lop-sided holiday.  As a whole, women’s expectations sky-rocket as February 14th gets closer and closer.  But we tend not to think about the men.  I’m a natural-born gift-giver, so it’s never been my M.O. to forgo a gift for my significant other during this time of year.  And if there’s one thing I’ve learned, it’s that no man has ever been smad (sad or mad) about receiving a small token of your appreciation for them on Valentine’s Day.  So, forget the homemade book of love coupons. Here are 14 fool-proof gifts he’ll actually love to open tomorrow.

(Disclaimer: These gifts do not trump the importance of letting him know how loved he is the other 364 days of the year.)

If your guy loves cars, he’ll definitely be into the Anki Drive Starter Kit.  These remote control cars use artificial intelligence, allowing each car to know where it is, make decisions and drive itself.  He can use his iPhone to take control and race against friends.

If he can’t get enough of Game of Thrones, get it on DVD, so he can catch up before the fourth season premieres this spring.  Available at most major technology retailers.

Still a kid at heart? Grab two Nerf guns. Place one where he’ll easily find it with a note challenging him to a duel. You take the other. Game on.

Warm weather is right around the corner, and Rayban Aviator Gradient Sunglasses flatter every face shape and personality, making them the perfect gift for Valentine’s Day.

Your guy may hate shopping, but there’s no denying the extra spring in his step when he’s rocking some new kicks. Boots are on-trend right now, so pick up a pair of Aldo Mathan Boots to kick his wardrobe up a notch.

Does your man love Instagram? Does he think he takes the #sweetest pics ever? Then pick one of his best and put it on a Twenty20 Canvas! He’ll feel like a rockstar every time he sees his own work hanging on the wall.

Habitually late? Keep him on time with this hypoallergenic and chemical-free Natural Wooden Watch. And the best part: for every watch sold, the manufacturer will plant one tree.

Have you bagged yourself a modern man? Then he’ll love J.Crew’s quarterly Man of the World magazine.

If you’re getting your guy anything with hearts on in for Valentine’s Day, it should be these AE Boxers. After all, he could always use a reminder that you appreciate his big heart.

Does he crave sweets? Check out Trader Joe’s Chocolate Passport. Each passport contains eight individually wrapped chocolates, made from cocoa beans sourced from a single plantation or region.

If he’s a traditionalist at heart, buy him a subscription to a Dinner and a Movie of the Month Club. Every month, a delicious Italian-themed dinner will be delivered to your door with a Redbox rental code for a free movie and a selection of gourmet popcorn.  Nothing beats a old-school romantic night in!

Since he’s always paying, get him a sleek and stylish wallet. Bellroy’s Slim Sleeve Wallet is the perfect balance of small and convenient. And it’s made of premium leather, so it will last through years of dinners.

If your loves his beer as much as he loves his bike, the 6-Pack Bike Bag is the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for him. Velcro secures the two sides of the pack together underneath the crossbar, so he can carry his BBQ contribution in style.

Is your guy known for his great personal hygiene? Or maybe for the opposite? Grab the Working Man’s Hygiene Kit, an all-natural set made just for the guys. Floral and fruity scents need not apply.

And, last but not least: don’t forget to thank him for being who he is.

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